Wealth Creation

We, at TRE PONTE corporate, offer access to wealth creation and management services, through an independant financial advisor, who takes the same risk as the advice given to their clients.

If you require any of the following services, contact our office for an appointment with Stephen:

LIfe Assurance & TPD

 Income Protection

 Redundancy and Retirement Advice

 Insurance and Asset Protection

Direct Share Investment

Financial Planning & Advice


 Self Managed Super Funds  

Financial Planning and Advice  

Whilst the term financial planning may have been on-the-nose with a large section of the community over the past few years, the term is little understood, as is the industry.

Financial Planning is the development of a long-term strategic plan, to invest today’s money, at an appropriate growth rate, to reflect risk and return, over the long-term, to provide funds in retirement, so you may live in relative comfort and to be able to pay for your increasing health costs.  

Financial and Investment

Too many new people do not have the discipline to take a long-term view and ‘watch-the-kettle’ too closely. Take advice, understand the choices and make decisions with a twenty(20) to thirty(30) year time horizon; of course, make portfolio adjustments along the way, as no-one ever went broke taking a profit. However, you should buy for the right reasons, taking a long-term view. Conversely, you should only then sell, when necessary, and for the right reasons.

 TRE PONTE corporate has an affiliation with a very experienced Financial Planner.  


Superannuation is not a financial product; it is a vehicle for your retirement investment portfolio.

Superannuation means making provision today for your living needs in retirement, so that you may be independent.  

Self-Managed Super Funds

As described in the title, this is where no-more than four (4) people conjoin to invest in a portfolio of assets, the fruits of which must be re-invested, as they may only be enjoyed upon retirement.

The minimum amount you should have available to roll into a SMSF for an individual, or the total group, upon original set-up is $350,000; or a total of that amount within twelve(12) months, else the cost of complying with government regulation does not make it worthwhile.

 Please contact the office for a quote for compliance costs for a SMSF.  Annual costs each year are:- 

Accountant Fees - dependant upon complexity.

Audit Fees as the fund must be audited each year, and an actuarial certificate is also compulsory.   Also, the Auditor must be independent of the Accountant who prepared the Financial Statement and the Income Tax Return.  

Insurance, Assurance and Risk

Everyone should have as a minimum, Sickness and Accident, Life Assurance and Total and Permanent Disablement Insurance, in case either they are just too sick for too long, or the worst happens. 

As your situation evolves over time, whether this be through buying assets, going into business, or matrimonial pursuits, you need to make an appointment and take advice. Our highly qualified financial advisor is available for an appointment to discuss your requirements.

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