Development & Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarks  

To really understand your business and to measure important factors and functions within your business, you should develop a list of KPI’s that measure not only financial performance, but also other subjective and objective topics like ‘Customer Satisfaction’, ‘# Sick days Taken’, ‘# Items Reworked’, ‘# Accident-Free Days’ etc.

There are also industry benchmarks, against which you may compare your operations with other like firms within your industry, to identify any areas of strength or weakness.

Maybe your industry or a research organisation is constructing a bureau or benchmarking study to identify the best performing or a comparative analysis study or research project for the industry.

Business Performance Analysis

This very important ratio analysis shows how you are performing compared to previous years and with industry generally.

Business or Project Feasibility Assessments

All business growth comes from only a few areas:  

Innovation of new ideas and/or products.
Refreshing of old ideas (e.g. what is old is new again).
More customers.
Higher prices.
Lower costs.
The purchase of another Going Concern.
Start-up a new business.

These ideas need to be understood. So in the first instance a Feasibility Study should be conducted, to see if the idea has merit, and at least stacks-up on paper. The questions to ask are:  

What is the idea/project/concept/business proposition?
How much will it cost?
Who will pay for it?
What is left over for the investors? 

If the idea meets the selection criteria to go ahead with the investment, then you should proceed to having a full Business Plan prepared.

Business Plans (post GFC) will be increasingly required for all growth projects, and maybe also for working capital funding; because of the pricing of risk. The financial institution will need to evaluate that you have the skills, capital and wherewithal to run this business/project, that you understand your business and that after appropriate analysis you are prepared to back your judgement and ideas.

Business Advisory and Coaching

We at TPC are licenced Stratacore® advisors, who have developed a process whereby and through a ‘Business Health Questionnaire’ we can assist you to understand your business more, and also to identify where problem areas may arise; now or in the future. 

We at TPC can assist you with your everyday accounting needs, in much the same way as if you had full-time accountant on staff. You need Management Accounting for the everyday task of operating a business, Financial Accounting to summarize the accounts and to prepare them for stake-holders, to satisfy government legislation and compliance, Corporate Accounting for an incorporated entity. TPC has all these skills on staff, or are directly available through a long-standing alliance.

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