Cash Flow

Prepare and Monitor Cash-Flow

To build and prepare a Cash-Flow Budget is a very important cash management tool, so that you may know and understand your cash position. It also allows you to plan ahead for the future when considering growth, or to put plans and facilities in place before there is a problem. The question is, “What is my free cash-flow, and when will it be available?”

The Cash-Flow Budget should also be monitored for reasonableness and accuracy to ensure it is timely and up-to-date as to content.

Analysis and Review of Cash Management Position & Processes

Each period under review should have an Analytical Review prepared so you may know how you have performed during the period in question, and also between previous periods. 

A very important process is to understand your ‘cash-cycle’. This is the time elapse between the giving of the invoice and the receipting of the cash in the bank. A process to understand the make-up of your Aged Debtors, and the Debtors Days Outstanding.

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